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  • Announcement featuring Red Suitcase Foundation in Brophy College Preparatory's "daily announcements..."The Red Suitcase Foundation Christmas Fundraiser – The Red Suitcase Foundation is currently holding its 1st annual Christmas Fundraiser to benefit children who have been removed from their families and placed in the custody of Child Protective Services. clicking here..."

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Radio Interview

  • Ben and John, the founders of R.S.F. were interviewed on The Bishop's Hour on 1310 AM Radio.

What would you put in your suitcase?

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  • *Article Featuring Red Suitcase Foundation in Brophy College Preparatory's "Alumni Now"...Red Suitcase Foundation Two current students recently came to visit me who, legally and officially, established a non-profit organization that was highlighted in Brophy’s publication “The Round Up.” Their story touched me. Read "The Round Up" article about their Red Suitcase Foundation and its holiday efforts.

Red Suitcase Foundation, Inc.

Mission: to aid children that are faced with the unfortunate circumstances of being transitioned into the care of Child Protective Services by providing care packages, supplies and comfort items during their time of need.

Founded: 2012

President & Founder; John Wagner

​Vice President & Co-Founder: Ben Harris

Philanthropy Coordinator: Teddy Wagner

Philanthropy Coordinator: Sam Harris

Our Story

                "In the summer of 2010, the lives of two young children changed forever. These two children are my cousins. Things got rough in their lives and they ended up having to leave their home to be put in the care of Child Protective Services. They were eight and fourteen years old at the time. At very young ages, they had to face the world on their own. Luckily for them, they had family that was willing to take them in. This is where my family and I come in. When the younger of the two showed up at our house, all he had with him was this one little red suitcase. In the suitcase, he had a couple pairs of shorts, a few shirts, but mainly legos he wanted to bring with him to his new life. At first, I was astonished as to why someone would decide to bring legos over any sort of toiletries or maybe clothes for more than two days, but then I learned more about the situation. CPS agents showed up at his door giving him not much more than 5 minutes to collect everything he thought was the most important in his life, and he did. At only eight years old, he had to look at his room and decide what to leave behind and what to start a new life with. After he moved in with us, I began to think: what items would I put in my red suitcase in his scenario? This question pained me. I realized how hard it must be for children to completely leave their old lives behind. I couldn't stand knowing that  so many children have to face this question. I wanted to make a difference. Now, through the Red Suitcase Foundation, everyone has the chance to make a difference in the lives of children who may only have their one little red suitcase." 

- John Wagner
Founder, President